Frequently Asked Questions

What holidays does the pre-school observe?

The school is open from September through July and closed during August. It is also closed for two weeks in December and is closed for major holidays such a Labor Day and Memorial Day.

Is there an opportunity to get to know other families that attend the pre-school?

La Flauta Magica host a family potluck in December and in June. The children perform some of the songs and dances they have learned and the families enjoy each other’s company.

Are there Snacks?

Each morning the children share a snack that is provided by the school. The snack each day follows a theme and encourages the children to try new foods:

Monday – Día de Fruta – Fruit Day (example: bananas, kiwi, oranges, watermelon, strawberries)
Tuesday – Día de Maiz – Corn Day (examples: popcorn, steamed corn, corn-on-the-cob)
Wednesday – Día de Arroz – Rice Day (examples: steamed rice with soy sauce, rice crackers)
Thursday – Día de Verduras – Vegetable Day (examples: celary, beets, brocoli, cucumber, carrots)
Friday – Día de Spelta – Spelt Day (examples: spelt cookies, muffins or bread that children bake themselves)

Parents are required to provide a packed lunch for children who attend class full time.