What the parents say about us:

The Magic Flute has been such a blessing for us. We tried two other preschools before, we found the Magic Flute and could not be more grateful for the teacher . The positive reinforcement and musical approach. We have had Tazlina at The Magic Flute almost 3 years and it is bittersweet to be moving on.  We feel very confident in the Magic Flute has prepared our daughter for Kindergarten and highly recommend them!   -Kalie Petska and Luke Rubalcava

The Magic Flute has been a gift to our family.  Chloe learned values, that are essential in our home; She learned to share, to enjoy music, to value diversity that lives in her.   She experience true friendship.  We are amazed with her cognitive progress and all the skills she has gained, specially bilingualism.  All the efforts the principal and teacher make, are to ensure the learning and life experience tell us about their commitments and passion for the students.  Gracias de todo corazon. -Paul, Ana and Chloe.

One of the best decisions we made after moving to Corvallis last summer was enrolling our daughter, Adabelle at the Magic Flute.  She is truly cared with enriching experiences that have readied her for kindergarten.   Patricia ensures that every child in her care feels respected and gives them the guidance they need to accomplish the various tasks.  Days are filled with lots of outside play, dancing, singing, yoga and all the wonderful crafts every parent of the preschooler looks forward to saving!   Adabelle has been so happy there and we are excited to have our younger daughter start in the fall.  -With gratitude Germaine, Quintin and Adabelle.

Quinn had a very special and magical experience at the Magic Flute.   She has gained so much confidence in her 2 years there and she is very sad to say goodbye.  She sings Spanish songs in the morning, when I pick her up from school, at dinner and before bed.   She quizzes her family on the meaning of all the animals in Spanish and she teaches us yoga.  I never knew my shy little girl could blossom into such a confident school loving child.   Magic Flute has been amazing for us.  So much art, music, and outdoor play has created the best environment for her that we could as for.   I am so grateful for our time in the Magic Flute and all the friends Quinn and I have made.   Patricia has created the wonderful school that it is and we will never forget it.   Thank you!   -Marisa and Troy Brandt & Quinn.

My son. Vaughn, has enjoyed his time at La Flauta Magica.   Vaughn has enjoy making friends and has progressed in his ability to socialize with children his own age.  In addition, Vaughn has began to take pride in his art, tracing and dancing.   -Best wishes Heather.

Our daughter  Sofia has had a wonderful experience at the Magic Flute!   Sofia is very social and just loves all the sweet friends she made this year.   Patricia incorporates so many fun activities such as yoga, dancing, singing, and art.   I love that whenever I come to pick her up Sofia, the kids are always playing outside rain or shine!  I am amazed with how much Spanish Sofia has learned in just one year.   She loves to star conversations with people we see out in public who are speaking Spanish.  I have no clue what she is saying but she is very confident in her abilities.  I wish Sofia could stay at The Magic Flute for Kindergarten so she can continue with her Spanish.   Thank you for making this such a wonderful year for Sofia! -Natasha.